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Bringin' SexyBack

Get Your Sexy On

2/1/04 04:49 pm - havokisgod

I'd like to claim musician Davey Havok's shoulder blades, please!

1/31/04 07:07 am - subculturalgirl

I'd like to claim musician Ville Valo's shoulder blades.

Thanks <3

1/14/04 11:18 am - delcj - announcements

pipesdreams has claimed ballet dancer Adam Cooper's magnificent back. i'm announcing this here because she made her first claim in a comment, not in a post like we're supposed to, but i made an exception for her because she's been with this community since the beginning and that counts for a lot with me :)

[Ian] also, we finally have an icon for the comm. it shows the back of my second claim, actor/model Ian Somerhalder.

there also seems to be a new member but they haven't said anything yet, so...we'll see.

over and out.

11/26/03 11:38 am - justgirl

Aha, I finally got around to joining the wonders of a community about shoulderblades. Joy ^_^

Purr-lease can I claim Eternal Sailor Moon's shoulderblades? Cause she actually has wings, making them super-brilliant. And of course, she'd be in the anime category <3

11/17/03 12:59 pm - delcj - one more.

have decided that i will also claim actor Ian Somerhalder's fabulous shoulder blades, which you can see for yourself at this link:


also decided that since i am maintainer, i can claim as many as i like bwahahahaha. although i probably won't take more than nine.


pipesdreams, if you're there, i bet i know whose shoulder blades you intend to claim. he wouldn't happen to have a very distinctive tattoo on his right shoulder blade, now would he? he'll be reserved for you, just because you were the first to join up, and i hadn't even advertised yet or anything.

11/17/03 02:50 am - delcj - The Claims List

Anime/Cartoon/Film/TV/Book Characters
LJ Users

Read more...Collapse )

11/15/03 10:11 am - delcj - oh look, it's...the introductory post!

Garnet pushed Eric forward. He had shoulder blades like a pair of wings.
from Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright

bcause this comm is my comm, i give myself dibs on Eric Swanstrom's shoulder blades. heh.
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