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Bringin' SexyBack

Get Your Sexy On

3/13/12 10:06 am - delcj - Karl Roy

rock ed - karl roy's tattoo
by ~jcgepte on deviantART

12/12/10 02:02 pm - delcj - A diplomat's son by Nikki Palpal-latoc, on Flickr

A diplomat's son

10/13/10 09:43 pm - delcj - 椎名林檎 [Shiina Ringo]


9/12/10 09:39 pm - delcj - "Hakushon" by DZgunrock

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7/30/10 10:49 am - delcj - Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress


4/11/09 02:44 pm - delcj - woman sitting on floor, rear view


if anyone can identify whose back this is, so the subject can be something other than "random," please do.

11/16/08 02:22 pm - delcj - Maxi Jazz, of Faithless

11/1/08 12:42 pm - delcj - Torchwood tattoo

punkinart's friend has a Torchwood tattoo that is huge-ish and awesome. check it out.

8/27/08 05:12 pm - o_cherushii_o - Claiming

I would like to claim Kouyou Takashima, Akira Suzuki, and Miyavi's (no lastname) backs please! All three are under the singers/musicians category! sorry, I could only get a decent pic of Miyavi's back!


10/17/08 11:52 pm - kuroigunman

Claiming Jinhwan of 1TYM, kay? ♥


9/15/08 02:08 pm - delcj - Hyde, of L'Arc~en~Ciel


8/25/08 10:11 am - delcj - The Gargoyle

disclaimer: this is not a rec. the cover just caught my eye - it reminded me of Davey Havok's wings tattoo.

7/7/08 11:02 am - delcj - Jang Keun Suk


10/23/07 12:41 pm - delcj - Nora Zehetner

[e.t.a] her shoes made me think of the YSL Tribute mary janes, except i don't think they came in patent leather.

5/27/07 05:47 pm - delcj - Song Hye-kyo


3/14/07 04:33 pm - delcj - just a picture i found on my computer

Uploaded by 华莱士 on 28 Feb 06, 10.31PM PST.

4/28/06 11:18 am - delcj - shoulderblades @ flickr

a favorite from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/shoulderblades/

Table Manners
Originally uploaded by brain tunnel.
[e.t.a] i'm thinking about switching this comm to a sponsored account, but i'm almost sure it will mess up the layout somehow, so nevermind.

7/11/05 02:20 pm - delcj - happy birthday to...

...Michael Rosenbaum!

emily_anne posted a picspam of him for his birthday today :)


6/27/05 03:21 pm - delcj - third claim

i lay claim to the shoulderblades of

actor Christian Bale

damn and blast. i should've thought of doing this before now.
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11/25/04 09:47 pm - bluecrush28 - Sexy Actor!

Can I claim Christian Kane's shoulderblades? Mmmmm. Thank you! :D

11/3/04 03:52 pm - delcj - long-delayed update

just so you know, the fabulous solveigynt claimed actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor awhile back.

havokisgod has apparently deleted so i suppose Davey Havok can be considered up for grabs again.

the front page for this community looks wonky in Firefox. i wish i could figure out what's causing the problem. i think i figured it out.

8/27/04 10:34 pm - _lucy_ - Del, you so crazy...

I claaaaaim...DB Sweeney's filtrum, I mean...Will Kemp's back. Rahr. He's a dancer. You know, the gap one. He danced with previously claimed Adam Cooper.

8/26/04 01:10 am - bluecrush28

I'd ♥ to claim Diego Luna. He is just rawr! Oh yeah, if you didn't know, he's an actor. hehe! :)

7/25/04 01:18 am - delcj - update

  • dindongbell claimed actor Rupert Grint, and anime character Kyou Sohma from Furuba awhile back.

  • finally got around to doing something about this comm's layout, now starring Alyson Hannigan's back from that Jansport ad she was in a long time ago, which i've always liked. [addendum: this layout best viewed in 1024x768]

  • for awhile the default icon was Angel's tattooed back but then i saw this one by icontrary from Mariah Carey's "Boy" video and i just had to have it. does anyone know this guy's name? [have been informed he's Will Yun Lee, whom i fell in love with in Die Another Day, along with Toby Stephens.] he's my favorite part of the entire video.

  • i've decided to unclaim Ian Somerhalder and instead claim Katherine Moennig.

6/23/04 05:53 am - subculturalgirl

I unclaim Bam Margera's shoulderblades.

5/31/04 03:35 pm - nitefallswiftly - O_o?

i get another calim coz i only used one claim and then beign the first twenty? and i also leeenked! haha, my comp. has been weird and wont let me on here. but, anyways, i gues my claims are...

Scooter Wards beautiful shoulderblades
Joe Hahns shoulderblades

and i'll have to ask the mod. about the last claim

and could u guys check this place out and claim or something

4/24/04 03:29 pm - subculturalgirl

I'd like to claim actor Bam Margera's shoulder blades.

Thanks <3

4/3/04 02:54 pm - delcj - hello!

memo to self: ask my dear dindongbell whom she wants to claim so i can add them to the list as well.

2/9/04 06:31 pm - nitefallswiftly

May I claim the wonderful shoulder blades of the sexy Joel Madden?

2/3/04 11:13 am - deniedmsi


Might I claim the fabulous shoulder blades of Orlando Bloom? Thanks! ^_^
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