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  • dindongbell claimed actor Rupert Grint, and anime character Kyou Sohma from Furuba awhile back.

  • finally got around to doing something about this comm's layout, now starring Alyson Hannigan's back from that Jansport ad she was in a long time ago, which i've always liked. [addendum: this layout best viewed in 1024x768]

  • for awhile the default icon was Angel's tattooed back but then i saw this one by icontrary from Mariah Carey's "Boy" video and i just had to have it. does anyone know this guy's name? [have been informed he's Will Yun Lee, whom i fell in love with in Die Another Day, along with Toby Stephens.] he's my favorite part of the entire video.

  • i've decided to unclaim Ian Somerhalder and instead claim Katherine Moennig.
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